UNITE is a studio to launch Web3 projects with a focus on designing, developing and launching NFT loyalty programs & crowdfunding campaigns.


Successfully launching any new product or service requires attracting customers and capital. This is becoming ever more challenging in a media landscape that is overcrowded with noise.


The future of marketing is community. Building trust and loyalty with aligned investors and customers requires an authentic engagement in shared values and interests.


We launch products and services for our clients using NFTs and other Web3 tools to nurture engagement with various stakeholders, such as customers, investors and partners.


We are a collective of dedicated professionals with expertise in designing, developing and launching products and services from the concept phase. Our core skill sets include product design & project management, digital marketing strategy.


We offer a comprehensive scope of services focused on organic audience growth and authentic community building. Our services include product/service design & development, project management, tokenomics, pitch deck & whitepaper creation, organizational design & team building (recruiting, on-boarding & culture), market research & digital marketing strategy, Web2 website/Web3 App creation & maintenance, organic audience growth, content ideation & creation, graphic design & copywriting, shilling (catalyzing conversations and creating hype around a project), community management (moderating & customer service), Discord & Telegram management, NFT Whitelisting, phigital (physical & digital) event production (ideation to execution), content calendar & social media accounts management, social media analytics & reporting, community platform analytics & reporting, shilling performance & results reporting.


We are a team of dedicated professionals with experience in developing and launching successful businesses from the concept phase. Our team brings its unique talents and expertise to serve our clients. Our current and past clients include:

  • Baliverse, a NFT & Metaverse project to support digital creatives in Bali

  • Web Blockchain Media, a Hollywood production studio for web3 shows

  • GoingApe, a 3D-art NFT project that is building its own metaverse

  • RacingPunks, a Win2Earn racing GameFi NFT project

  • CosmosHeros, a NFT project to mint unique superheroes

  • Zenful, a Heal2Earn Dapp & NFT Marketplace

Vision & Creative Direction

Ryan Fix is the founder of PURE, a launchpad for decentralized organizations. With over 30 years of professional experience building social impact organizations, his passion and skill is focused on conscious organizational design and culture building.